The  Ophelia  Project meets WOW (mums)
How to flashmob!

                                              The choreography!

There is not a complicated dance routine to learn.  The movement will be based on follow the leader (that is flocking technique) and you do basically just that!  There will be a group of "leaders" from The Ophelia Project who will lead the movement and participants just follow the movement.
  • The aim is that the flashmob will begin from one person.  We will practice this in the workshop on 15th May (sign up for more details).  All participators must be blending in with the crowd.  The flashmob will begin at 2pm with a dancer (with possibly a singer) standing up and starting to perform after a couple of minutes more participators will stand behind the lead dancer -  this is the beginning of the flashmob.  When you see the flashmob beginning you should also start joining in by standing behind the lead dancer and copying her movement.
  • To being with the group will be quite still with the leader  guiding the group to moving their arms.
  • Eventually the group will travel around the park weaving around the trees.
  • The movement will all be very slow and it is important to stay very close as a group.
  • There may be some solo performers who will move alongside the group.  It is important not to be distracted by them but to keep your focus forward always following the leader.
  • Sometimes the leader may guide the group to change direction.  She may turn the group enitrely around at which point the leader at the back of the group (who is now at the front) takes over the leadership.
  • See our flashmob film which is a flocking flashmob at The Tate Modern.  This one is a bit faster paced as we were joined by a group of school children but it should give you a clear idea of what I mean.


  • What about the men? 
  • They are welcome to take part if they want to join us in our act of solidarity and sisterhood!
  • What can I do with my bag while I am performing?
  • The best thing to do is to wear a small rucksack; not only will it help you blend in with the crowd  but you can keep your belongings with you which will be a real help to us.  The Ophelia Project will have a marquee stand where we will have a small place for bags and someone to watch over them.  Please dont bring valuables and only bring a small bag so there is room for everyone.
  • What should I wear?
  • Try to blend in with the crowd so just wear your normal clothes: jeans, t-shirt, joggers, etc.
  • What if it rains?
  • If it rains the event goes ahead but dress accordingly.  
  • Where will the flashmob start?
  • Look for The Ophelia Project stand which will be in Wandsworth park on the Deodar Road/Blade Mews side of the park.  The flashmob will start near The Ophelia Project stand. Please see the park map here.
  • What time and for how long?
  • We aim to begin at 2.30pm and to disband after 15 minutes then to form again at 3.30pm and 15 minutes each time.  It is important to disband and to go back to sunbathing (yes, summer is coming!) and looking around the park after leaving the flashmob before going to The Ophelia Project stand so it looks more like an impromptu flashmob.  See video section for examples of what I mean.
  • Can I volunteer to help with the flashmob?
  • YES! Please do! We need people to help out in the marquee and make the event run smoothly.
  • How can I find out more about The Ophelia Project?
  • Take a look at our website and do get in touch if you have any questions.
  • What will I get out of taking part?
  • We hope to gain lots of photographic and film material from the event which will be posted online.  It can add to your portfolio if you are a performer or just to show your friends.
  • How can I support The Ophelia Project?
  • You can volunteer to help us.  You can participate in the flashmob. We are looking for further local business sponsors whether in kind or cash to produce promotional material about The Ophelia Project.  You can offer us a rehearsal space or invite us to teach a workshop.